Showing NANOG53

Owner sspies
Date created 2011-10-05 16:45:54 UTC

Test Description

This test simulates a topology, which has two paths to the same network prefix. Without any whitelist entry at the IUT at first, this test expects to receive the shortest path back.
The second step is to send a whitelist to the IUT matching the OAS of the longer path and expect to receive the longer path from the IUT.
Next step is to withdraw the whitelist entry and expect to receive back the shorter path again.


  • Best Path Selection Prefer paths with validation state valid over unknown,invalid ones as first tie breaker

Simulated Topology


  • T1: AS7 originates
  • T2: AS49 originates
  • T3: Announce Whitelist, OAS49
  • T5: Withdraw Whitelist, OAS49


  • G1: After T1 receive (, AS7)
  • G2: After G1 and after T3 receive (, AS49)
  • G3: After G2 and after T5 receive (, AS7)